Rev. Jane featured in Yakima Herald-Republic article: “Connecting with Jesus”

Hello, all. Check out today’s Yakima Herald-Republic. Rev. Jane was featured in an article called Connecting with Jesus. It’s the third part of a series called “Faces of Jesus” and features ten local people’s views of Jesus, including Rev Jane’s. I’ve excerpted her part below. Click on the title to read the entire article.

Connecting with Jesus


Today, a range of community members — from City Hall, church, jail, Starbucks, the Union Gospel Mission — share their personal beliefs about Jesus.Some are wrestling with hardships or their pasts. Some are in need. A few are progressive. A couple don’t believe. Most pray.

With a few exceptions, they are people who by and large aren’t usually in the pages of the newspaper. In it today, they describe their relationship — or lack thereof — with Jesus. They discuss their struggles, convictions, hopes.


The Pastor
Jane Newall

Jane Newall does not put Jesus in a box.“There is no box,” says the 37-year-old founding pastor of Yakima’s Rainbow Cathedral Metropolitan Community Church. “Jesus is not stagnant.”

Newall doesn’t have a static view of Jesus. Instead, she believes he is present in each person.

“Whenever we help someone else, we’re helping Jesus directly,” she says.

Likewise, she doesn’t have a visual image of Jesus: “I think that helps me to expand who Jesus is. Jesus has many faces, not just one.”

“I know, for some people, a tangible image is what they need to meditate on to relate to God,” she says. “I don’t need that as much. If I can see or experience Jesus in everyone, as opposed to one particular type of person, that is closer, I think, to what he wants for us to do.”

“It’s a living process. We can help Jesus come into people’s lives and participate in that process.”

While Newall believes Jesus is present in each person, she also believes the Son of God will return to Earth in the flesh — as a woman, the Daughter of God.

“I believe God is male and female and a whole lot more,” she says. “God created us — female and male — in God’s image. There’s a prototype of God we haven’t seen.”

She points to Genesis 1:27, which reads: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

Then, God blessed them. Both.



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