Spirit of God, send forth your light, your flame, your healing, and your strength

the call to worship from last night’s worship service:

facing East: Spirit of God, who in the beginning of time moved upon the face of the waters, we call upon you, wind of east, of the air, creative source, golden eagle of the dawn, whirlwind, star-abiding one, rising sun: come by the air that is your breath. . . send forth your light. . . be among us now.

facing South: Spirit of God, who frees us and calls us to the continuing task of liberation, we call upon you, wind of the south, wind of fire, flaming one, summer warmth, spark of life, wind of change and hope, come by the fire that is your power. . . send forth your flame. . . be among us now.

facing West: Spirit of God, who gives us birth, who nurtures and sustains us, we call upon you, wind of the west, wind of water, rain maker, grey robed twilight, evening star, gentle breeze, touch of compassion, come by the water of birth and renewal, send forth your healing. . . be among us now.

facing North: Spirit of God, in whom we live and move and have our being, we call upon you, wind of the north, wind of earth, cornerstone of all power, stone, mountain, fertile field, north star, center of the whirling midnight sky, come by the earth that is your body. . . send forth your strength. . . be among us now.

All: Spirit of God, of creation, of liberation, of healing, of strength, we seek you beyond the borders of time, where night and day, birth and death, joy and sorrow meet as one. Come, be among us now.


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