photos from reception for Jade

I think I can speak for all of us when I say we all enjoyed Jade’s show immensely. My favorites were Gertrude Stein and Sylvia, I think. Wow. Anyway, after the performance we hosted a reception in our sanctuary, where Jade signed photos and chatted with folks.


What a smile!

Jade with Brea

Jade with Brea and her friend (Brea works with me at the YVCC Writing Center). My flash photography prompted Jade to tell the story of how his mother loves to take photos of him, so much so that she’s gotten within a few feet of him — during a performance! — while he’s playing Michelangelo in the act of painting.

Jade with Lou Cooper

Jade chatting with Lou.

Jade with Steve and Rev Jane

Steve had just arrived with two salads from Olive Garden for Jade and Rev. Jane.


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  1. We are so happy to have Jade Esteban Estrada come to Rainbow Cathedral MCC in Yakima! Thank you for having him. ICONS is a special show!

    Reece Golding
    Vicarious New York

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