keep the faith! (call to worship June 10)

Last Sunday’s call to worship, in celebration of Pridetide:

Until those who seek to oppress us have ceased from their ways:
Keep the faith!
Until the government leaves our families alone and protects our children:
Keep the faith!
Until we can marry those we love:
Keep the faith!
Until hatred and prejudice are banished from our vocabularies:
Keep the faith!
Until the doors of all churches and temples and houses of faith open wide in welcome to all people:
Keep the faith!
Spirit of Compassion, Seeker of Goodness, keep our faith strong until the day when justice rolls down like the waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. May we be shapers and seekers and doers of justice all the days of our lives. Amen.


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  1. I was worshiping at Englewood christian church in Yakima, was. After communion that was passed through isles I took a cruslfix out of my purse to pray. The pastor and his chosen people who sit up front with him let out a very audible gasp. Just to make sure, I went back the next Sunday and he had one person sit and stare at me the whole time I was there. I never went back. I got a look from the pastor like I had done something bad to the church

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