O Holy One, bless our pride, our celebration, our laughter, those who oppose us, our differences, those for whom it takes great courage to be here, our calls for equity and freedom, each one of us… O Holy One

A prayer for worship, June 10th, in celebration of Pridetide:

O Holy One, known to us in many ways, be present with us now. We ask for your blessings as we rejoice as a community this day. Bless our pride that it be a humble reflection of gratitude for who it is you have created us to be. Bless our celebration that it be an expression of our joy in love and in health. Bless our laughter that it herald the building of friendships and relationships. Bless those who may come to oppose us that our happiness may be contagious. Bless our differences as a source of our strength and a sign of our respect for one another. Bless those for whom it takes great courage to be here that they may feel the abundance of life. Bless our calls for equity and freedom that we may both speak and hear your vision of justice and of peace. Bless each one of us here today with your presence and our presence, one with another. All this we ask of you, O Holy One, for you are ever faithful to us. Rejoice with us today! Amen.


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