Metropolitan Community Church has named the worship for the month of June Pridetide, celebrating God’s blessings for the GLTBQ community. We have been using for of the resources found on MCC’s website from 2001:
Here are the calls to worship used for our June 6 and June 13 worships:
One: Once we were lost,
Many: wandering in a desert of questions and confusion.
One: Once we felt alone,
Many: not knowing if there were others like us.
One: So we set out on a journey,
Many: seeking a homeland.
One: Now we are found,
Many: knowing that God travels with us.
One: Now we have companions on the journey,
Many: knowing that God created many like us.
One: God is proud to be called our God.
Many: God has prepared a place for us.
One: Come let us worship.

June 13:
One: Because of the great love you have for us, O God,
Many: You call us to love one another.
One: We gather as families:
Many: Men who love each other with passion and compassion,
One: Children and parents bringing each other joy,
Many: Women united in love and celebration,
One: Women and men coming together in community,
Many: Holy, loving families of friends.
One: Bless all the families that gather here in your Name,
Many: Diverse families sharing your love.


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