Tolerance verses Celebration

We hear more and more about “tolerance” when it comes to the LGBTQI community.  The unrealistic phrase of “Love the Sinner, hate the sin”  is constantly being flouted by those who incorrectly believe that they have the mind of God and want to more justify their “salvation” by condemning to hell those who do not lock step with them in their legalistic, fundamentalic view of God.  Please show me the Biblical basis for this thought pattern.  All I can find in the Holy Writ is that God is a all loving God and makes no distinction within His/Her creation.

Most people are of the mind that they will “tolerate” people of a different sexual orientation, as long as they “keep their place” and be content with the crumbs that fall from the table.  Being raised in the Southern States, this was a common reference to People of Color.  The truth is, that if you really study and understand the Gospels, JESUS NEVER WENT ANYWHERE THAT HE WAS ONLY TOLERATED, JESUS ONLY WENT WHERE HE WAS CELEBRATED.  I, for one, refuse to accept “tolerance”.  If you cannot celebrate me, as the Holy Child of God that I was created to be, then don’t bother with tolerating me!!

Should anyone be seeking a Christian Worship Community that celebrates each and everyone as the Holy Child of God they are, then look no farther.  We, the community of believers at Rainbow Cathedral MCC/UCC, celebrate a person, we do not subscribe to the theory of “tolerance”.  Come and visit us and experience the liberty of celebration in the Love of a God who is all acccepting and also celebrates each part of God’s good creation.  GOD DOES NOT “TOLERATE”, GOD “CELEBRATES”!

Whoever you are and where ever you are on life’s journey you are welcome here!


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