Everyone is welcome here

God is a God of love and peace, not one of law and wrath.

I know that those who take the Bible as the inerrant word of God will say that it shows God bringing judgment and punishment on those who were disobedient.   I say to them that the fact is that the Bible was written by error prone humans given to the legalistic mindset.  And as such is not inerrant, although it was inspired by God.

The Bible was not dictated by God, as one would dictate to a stenographer and the Bible has to be studied and understood within the confines of the prevalent attitudes and historical conditions at the time it was written.

All too often legalistic Christians dwell on the passages seemingly of condemnation and judgment, instead of the words of Jesus in the Gospels that speak of love. The writings of the Apostle Paul and others are not the Gospels.  There are only four gospels and they all agree that Jesus spent His time extolling love and not law.

Christianity, as I understand it, is to be based on the Gospels and the love they stress.  Isn’t the good news of the Gospel is that God is love and welcomes everyone without conditions of any kind.  The “whosoevers”.

Jesus talked of other sheep not of that sheep pen that He would bring at that day.  Could these other sheep be in the other communities of faith that legalistic Christianity declare to not be of God?

I firmly believe that God has and has always had a witness in all expressions of faith.


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