Worship for Sunday, June 30, 2013

Good day, everyone. Blessings be upon you.  This Sunday our Gospel lesson comes from John 8:2-11. this is the story of the woman known as “the woman caught in adultery and how Jesus demonstrated an alternative to the environment of catching, surrounding, staring at and holding the special gift of self-righteousness. when the Pharisees and Scribes brought the woman before Jesus stating her sins and quoting the Law of Moses, it was only to try to find something they could hold against Jesus. but Jesus refused to stoop to their level, instead He invited them into a new way of being, into a land of mercy.  the Pharisees and Scribes had forgotten that God is steadfast in love and endless mercy, that there is no judgment n God and that no one is sinless. (reference Exodus34:6). but rather than embrace this invitation to be as God is, merciful and gracious, they turned and walked away.  Jesus bend down and wrote with His finger, as God did on the stones.  He would not hold even the Pharisees in their sin by staring.  After all the accusers were gone, He asked the woman who condemned her and she responded saying “no one”, hopefully this “no one” included herself, because the hardest thing to do is to forgive ourselves.  But Jesus’ response, “Neither do I condemn you” not only applied to the woman, it also applied to us and everyone else.  No one is a mistake.  God did not make a mistake with anyone, we are all what God created us to be; Holy Children of God.

In John 20:23, Jesus tells His disciples, “If you hold people’s sins against them they are held.  If you let them go, then they are released.” This does not confer or infer ecclesiastical power to judge and condemn.  This is a condition that characterizes our communal life.  We can hold each other in our mistakes or we can let them go.  we can be a prison to one another or a source of release.  Which would Jesus prefer?

Living in the land mercy is not easy, we too easily gravitate toward holding in sin.  We have to work at letting go , joining the human race is not as easy as it seems.  remember Jesus taught is in The Lord’s Pray to ask God to “Forgive our sins as we forgive the sin s of others”  The judgment we pass on others will be the judgment we receive.  But thanks to the man who wrote twice, we are forgiven and can for give others.  There is no condemnation in God and should not be in us.  In this light we know the truth that God did not make a mistake with anyone.  We are exactly what God created us to be,; Holy Children of God.  Praise be unto God!


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