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O God bring us from our famine and self-dependence to Jerusalem and beyond — to Jesus our Savior.

Last night’s communion prayer:

cup, bread, communionGod of our ancestors and God of our children, we come knowing we have preferred to test you, rather than to trust you. The famine in our souls makes us long to be filled with the empty promises of the world. We listen to the soothing words of the advertisers, rather than to the uncomfortable words of discipleship.

Forgive us, God of our lives. Bring us out of that dependence on ourselves, and bring us into the presence of the One we seek to follow, not only to Jerusalem, but beyond — into life with you forever, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Lord Jesus be born in us tonight

Eucharist image the communion liturgy from our Christmas eve service:

Let us affirm the love that God has for us — a love that was not, and cannot, be hindered.
We thank God for coming unto us; we praise God for Christ’s birth into our world.
It was cold and Mary and Joseph were fearful.
But that did not stop the birth.
They had no place fitting for their child.
But that did not stop the birth.
And today we are still sometimes cold and fearful, certainly poor in many ways.
We often feel that we have no place and are unclear about what God wants of us.
But these things did not stop the birth of Jesus then, nor will they do it now. To all who are open to God’s leading, God comes.
Lord Jesus be born in us tonight.