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an epiphany prayer

Jesus, grant us the humility to see you as you truly are; not through the dark glass of our weak and finite minds but through the glorious clarity of your love. Speak to us from the whirlwind of Your reality, and call us back to You as You are. Fill us, Lord, with your grace, and inspire us to serve you in love in the world. Amen


Celebrate Epiphany, when Jesus came out to the world!

Hi, everyone.

I was just thinking a little bit about Epiphany (when Jesus came out to the world as Savior). It still gets dark early this time of year, but this weekend we get to celebrate a million or so watts of bright light – bright, spiritual light — the unveiling of the infinite God in Christ!

For the western church, the coming out was when Jesus “appeared” to the Magi from the east (representing all gentiles, all peoples of the world). For the eastern church, the coming out was when Jesus was baptized by John in the river Jordan and by God by the Spirit descending upon him. But, in either case, it’s Jesus coming out to the world. God is not only come to be with us (Emmanuel, God-with-us), but through Christ has broadcast his love for us to the whole world, has revealed who he really is — the infinite God who is also God-with-us.

And God-with-us is a balmy light we can bask in in the middle of winter and always. Very cool.

If you’re not planning to come already, please join as tomorrow evening as we celebrate the feast of Epiphany!