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Pray on behalf of LGBT people in Uganda

A message from Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches

Dear Friends,

In May of this year, we asked you to sign a petition and contact the Ugandan President regarding the “Kill the Gays” bill. Our voices, along with thousands of others, were heard, and the bill was tabled at the end of Uganda’s parliamentary session. We learned today that Uganda’s new Parliament will most  likely be bringing up this bill for a vote later this month. Please join us in prayer:

Compassionate God,

We pray for our LGBT sisters and brothers in  Uganda.

May your love for all creation be embodied and embraced by those in leadership within Uganda.

May a spirit of tolerance and acceptance sweep through the land.

As they reconsider the bill that would end lives based on whom a person loves,

May each person be reminded of the love they share in their lives.

May they be guided by understanding and compassion to stop this bill of hate.

God, be with those most at risk; surround them with your protection and keep them safe.

Help them to know they are not alone, and help us to be present for them.

Surround them with your peace and love.

We ask this in your many names and through Jesus the Christ.


In solidarity,

+ Nancy

Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator

Metropolitan Community Churches


We say, “In God I trust, I am not afraid” (call to worship June 17)

the call to worship from last Sunday’s worship:

To those who shout with bitter words and prejudiced hearts, we say,
In God I trust, I am not afraid.
To the voices within that doubt and fear, we say
In God I trust, I am not afraid.
To the forces of prejudice, to homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, we say
In God I trust, I am not afraid.
To the diseases of heart, mind and body, we say,
In God I trust, I am not afraid.
God of Justice, God of beauty,
Holy Creator of us all,
In you we put our trust; to you we call this day.
Be with us as we worship.