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erring on the side of inclusivity (“Church takes stand against straight marriage”)

Hi, all.

I just wanted to pass on something I just came across.  Pamela Miller, from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, writes about a couple of churches that have decided to treat their hetero- and homo- sexual couples equally — by no longer offering civil weddings.  Great title: Church takes stand against straight marriage.  It appears to have been published April 16, 2006, but the article’s no longer on the Star Tribune website. 

Anyway, besides the great title, I wanted to quote one of the pastors:

The Rev. Rebecca Voelkel, a member of Lyndale United, acknowledged that people of faith cite scriptures for both sides of the same-sex marriage debate.

“The arc of the gospel always moves toward circles of inclusivity, and in earlier debates about human rights, people who err on the side of inclusivity have been proven right,” she said. “Very few passages in the Bible deal with homosexuality, but many can be lifted up in arguments for justice and equal treatment.”

Yes, yes, yes!