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Pray on behalf of LGBT people in Uganda

A message from Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches

Dear Friends,

In May of this year, we asked you to sign a petition and contact the Ugandan President regarding the “Kill the Gays” bill. Our voices, along with thousands of others, were heard, and the bill was tabled at the end of Uganda’s parliamentary session. We learned today that Uganda’s new Parliament will most  likely be bringing up this bill for a vote later this month. Please join us in prayer:

Compassionate God,

We pray for our LGBT sisters and brothers in  Uganda.

May your love for all creation be embodied and embraced by those in leadership within Uganda.

May a spirit of tolerance and acceptance sweep through the land.

As they reconsider the bill that would end lives based on whom a person loves,

May each person be reminded of the love they share in their lives.

May they be guided by understanding and compassion to stop this bill of hate.

God, be with those most at risk; surround them with your protection and keep them safe.

Help them to know they are not alone, and help us to be present for them.

Surround them with your peace and love.

We ask this in your many names and through Jesus the Christ.


In solidarity,

+ Nancy

Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator

Metropolitan Community Churches


in God’s shoes… prayer concerns and celebrations (Apr 22)

Please pray this week for the following concerns and celebrations brought before God on the third Sunday of Easter, April 22nd:

Please continue to pray for those concerns and celebrations listed from last week.

Tonight during worship, instead of having us pass on our concerns and celebrations to her and to the congregation as a whole, Rev. Jane had us break up into pairs.  Each person would play both God and pray-er.  It was a way to help us get a stronger sense of Someone hearing our prayers, as well as a way to help us imagine what God must feel when hearing our prayers.

So, perhaps another way to pray this week is that all the prayers we offered to each other tonight be answered.  We could also pray that we continue to gain a stronger sense of God right there listening and a stronger sense of God’s true nature (i.e., Love) by imagining how we ourselves would respond to our own prayers (and others’).

Look graciously upon us, O Holy Spirit, and give us for our hallowing thoughts that pass into prayer, prayers that pass into love, and love that passes into life with you for ever.  (Book of Common Prayer, Collect for the Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost)

prayer concerns and celebrations (Jan 28)

Please pray this week for the following concerns and celebrations brought before God during worship January 28th:

Concerns: prayers of healing for Lou’s cousin, for Laura’s grandmother and cousin; for Deb’s hands; prayers of well-being for Debbie and soon-to-be-born Akira; prayers of safe travel for Jerry’s friend; for baby Chris, for Leon (?).

May the love of the Lord Jesus draw us unto himself, may the power of the Lord Jesus strengthen us in his service, and may the joy of the Lord Jesus fill our hearts.

Celebrations: Thanksgiving for the three amongst us who became official members tonight: Terry, Blayne, and Steve (Congratulations!); and thanksgiving for Laura’s grandmother doing better.

We praise you, Lover of all! We thank you for calling us to be your people, and for choosing us to give you glory.