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Rev. Jane’s guest editorial on eighth anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s death

Published on Saturday, October 14, 2006

Politics still tower over tolerance


Some thoughts from a pastor on the eighth anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s death:

* Marvin died on Maundy Thursday 2003 in Toppenish.

The first report was natural causes, but someone had messed up his trailer and run his Ford truck into a ditch at another location. Police also suggested Marvin had died of autoerotic asphyxiation, but ultimately, authorities concluded a few weeks later that the gay man had been strangled.

The crime remains unsolved.

* The couple wore smart outfits and had colorful flowers at their Holy Union. Their families sat in the church as they exchanged their vows and rings.

At a later date at Grant’s, the couple ate dinner with co-workers. But they took off their rings that night so no one would notice that they matched one another as they wrapped their hands around their beers. Read the rest of this entry