Prayer Requests

We encourage you to submit your prayer requests here (celebrations are very welcome, too!), by commenting on this post or by emailing me at ldmay7 @ [remove the spaces around the @ sign]. We will include them in our prayers during Sunday worship.

Are you hurting? Pray. Do you feel great? Sing. Are you sick? Call the church leaders together to pray and anoint you with oil in the name of the Master. Believing-prayer will heal you, and Jesus will put you on your feet. And if you’ve sinned, you’ll be forgiven—healed inside and out.

Make this your common practice: Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you can live together whole and healed. The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with. Elijah, for instance, human just like us, prayed hard that it wouldn’t rain, and it didn’t—not a drop for three and a half years. Then he prayed that it would rain, and it did. The showers came and everything started growing again.

(James 4:13-18 The Message)

  1. Please pray that Logan opens his heart to God Nd he trusts in God. Please pray that Logan accepts his homosexuality and that Jesus loves him for being who he is. Please pray that Logan trusts that he is loved and it is okay to be gay. Lastly pray that he allows and accepts the love from his friends and family and have him accept his cosmic reward in this lifetime.

    Thank you

  2. Please help me to pray for the one I love who seems to stop loving and understanding me already. Help me to pray to accept if not meant to be, otherwise help me to pray that we reconcile and build a very promising and God-fearing relationship for the rest of our lives. Help me to pray to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ to guide him and protect him and provide him all he needs.
    Thank you very much and God bless.

  3. Please Pray GOD gives me all the desires of my heart that are righteous in GODs eyes,GOD sends me on the mission He has for me now and GOD raises me a mile above those used by Satan to glorify GOD.

  4. Pray my soulmate is praying as hard to be with me as I am to be with her and we unite today.

  5. Phil, may the spirit guide you and bless you. May you build your life with the spirit. Amen

  6. Andrew James Simmons

    Please pray for Gavin Scott Hart and I to be really happy and in love together and get married someday. Please pray the serenity prayer for both of us as well. I really love him and don’t want to loose him. I’m tired of being broke up and I just want a man to settle down with and grow old together with. Gavin is perfect for me and he already broke up with me yesterday, but he wants to get together again but doesn’t want to call it getting back together just yet. I was thinking earlier today that that serenity prayer if it worked on me, would keep Gavin and I together. I noticed that everyone I’ve dated except for one guy loved me and still loves me today, and they all had the dame complaints about me and if God grants me the serenity to change then I know I will be happily married someday, and I don’t want Gavin slip away just like all the other boys did. Thank you Rev. Jane *HUGS*

  7. 1. Pray that God will provide me with a good paying job
    2. Pray to God will provide me with college fees for my children
    3. Pray that God will provide me with a good paying job at African Bible College – Malawi

  8. pray for my wife michelle and james [other man] be saved and delivered from sin and bondage.

  9. Please Pray For John And Rick New Friendship/Relationship that they been sharing together. We share many of the same intrests and both over 50 and born and raised on different islands in WA. Pray that we will draw closer in much Love Joy And Happiness Together That We Will Date and be together. Thur Prayers Our Hearts Will Find There Way To Each Other and in time thur Prayers We Will Find Much Love Together and Be One In A Loving Couple Thur The Spirit Of The Lord Jesus Christ. This Will Be The First Loving Relationship For The Both Of Us! Thanks For The Prayers I feel We Need Them In Our New Relationship Together. Love Always John.

  10. All Forms of Life - Shadows of Love, Flowers, Ghost, etc.

    Applied unversal prayers to completely end all problems. As issues of poverty (globalization)(of all existance – heaven, universe), crisis (of the system)(war – fuel)(global warming), every suffering (cancer)(lost spirits)(global welfare), etc. be resolved with mass solutions, answers, cure, knowledge, etc. through our united prayers. Bearing most immense beautiful experiences for all forms and states of life. Things to be as it ought to be – as intended and expected by the works of our unified prayers. For your love, ours, departed – oneness. Sereity, bliss, peace, happiness, all good things…..

  11. Please Pray for my ongoing Positive Relationship Between John And Rick. Were close and need Prayers that we stay close positive and true together. I feel maybe Rick might have a serious Drinking Problem that needs Prayers also. I feel that this keeps Rick from seeking more of a ongoing friend with John off his Work-place and we share so many of the same Intrests and both over 50. Pray that Rick will let john help him and Pray that Rick will seek a ongoing friendship with john and contact him and share the wonderful out dooors with him and were both will find much love joy and happpiness together and we will be together in a joyful loving home we both can share together. I John am Clean And Sober for 9 months now and i am working an AA 12 step program of recovery. I can Help Rick Too. Thanks For Praying. Love John Stephen Fox Jr in Seattle Wa where Rick is also and i Do Want To Really Love Rick Too!

  12. Please pray for my husband Dana he start working together with a friend Gerhard for guidance, wisdom and God’s Will for them in the transport/civil construction and earth moving business. God’s richest blessings!

  13. August 11, 2007

    Dear Brother&Sister in Christ,

    My name is Jerome Pierce 53 year old Christian I’ve been praying & emailing online Christian‘s to get bless to find a direction of my life problem of being homeless here in Inglewood CA at this veterans homeless program here in the city. I’d know GOD gave me a direction England trucking Company which has a school here about 50 miles or so for truck driving & also paid me for training over the road while I’m learning the correct way to drive a tractor-trailer for England Company at 400 a week for a month then I’ll will pass the DMV test at England site. Just need prayer of agreement that GOD will give me favor & talent to accomplish this profession & make sure my high blood is back to normal, also my wife Linda will reunite with me here in California we been separated for 3 & half years now & this is the way for us to get back together again thank you for stand in agreement.

    Bro Jerome Pierce

  14. Dear Prayer Partners. John needs Prayers for New Friends Love And Healing And Support In His Life? He is clean and sober almost One Year Now and Working His 12-Step recovery AA Program and Please Pray he will find good honest friends to share his life with? Pray that John And His Lawayers will win his early retirement with SSI in the State of Wa after he has worked hard in food serivces for 33 long hard yrs would like to spent the next long yrs working with others in the AA 12-step fellowship people that always need love support and much needed healing. Thanks For All The Prayers.

  15. Please pray for 7 month old baby Zoe who is very sick. Her family asks that details be kept private, but this young child is in need of your thoughts, prayers, and meditations. Share this with all those you know and help a beautiful girl celebrate her first Christmas.

  16. Zoe will be in our prayers.

  17. Please pray for me and my beloved. Please pray that let there be love, care, affection, understanding, trust, respect, sincerity, commitment and responsibility in our relationship between us always. We both love each other unconditionally and overcome all the problems together as a stronger couple. There be no fights and misunderstandings due to financial problems. No third person and no relations of past comes between us and our relationship be stronger, successful and healthier one. Please pray as in the past many people have come between us and tried to let our relation down. Please pray that we face no problems due to them. Please pray for us that we be closer to each other and our Lord always. I trust in you Lord Jesus Christ, Mama Mary, Infant Jesus, St. Joseph and I request all the Angels and Saints to protect and bless us always as a loving couple. Please pray for us.

    Yours Child In Need

  18. Prayer request for my husband who is in jail. Need of salvation also in need of deliverance from jail the legal way.

  19. Please pray that all my circumstances for my retreat and vacation in August go well. i am having trouble with my car and I ask prayer that it remain in good shape at that time. This retreat is for gay men and very important for my soul. Please also pray that so many problems and obstacles that keep cropping up and facing me at this time will be triumphed over in my favor through Jesus’Precious Blood.


  20. I need my home and my wife and children back there is to much to mention,
    > she and her son
    > have closed the door on me with anger & bitterness etc….I have asked
    > forgiveness from
    > the lord thru confession yet I await forgiveness from my loved ones..pray
    > that god shows
    > them the way to forgiveness and heal their pain…where I cannot..
    > I love my family and want them back please pray for reconciliation and a
    > greater love and
    > understanding of one another.
    > please pray for family unity and greater love thru forgiveness…she has
    > hardened heart toward God as well help here find faith in God let her hear
    > his voice.
    > Love&Forgiveness what else is there?!

  21. Thank you for your recent prayer posts. Your prayers have been added to mine. Jane

  22. I am sad because I can’t seem to find a lover. I want someone to hold and hug, to hold near to my face, and rest my head on his chest, to kiss a thousand times on his cheek. I thought a guy I met on the weekend would be interested in me but I don’t think he is. I am really doing well with my depression – this is the happiest I’ve ever felt for ages and years – but when I try to get guys I feel down when they are not interested in me – so I think to myself that in order to keep my spirits up I should stop trying to pick up guys – it is not the sex I am mainly interested in, although I am interested in the sexual part of it – it is more the touch and the closeness – the smell and hearing his heartbeat against my ear as his chest heaves up and down with his breath.

    I am already 37 and have never had a relationship, partly because I’m gay and I hid it or resisted it, and partly because I am too careful and picky or scared or fearful or afraid or send mixed messages or am too afraid to act on messages I do pick up, or because I am unsure and afraid, or lost sometimes. I was sad before, but now I am happier – I just want someone to touch – there are so many greater problems in the world than me, and I feel so lucky that now in recent weeks and months I have felt so much more happier – which seems like a miracle as i have been depressed for years and I never thought the sadness would truly disappear to this extent – I feel sad because as I get older and less physically attractive I fear I won’t be able to attract the people that are attractive to me – and I fear I may slowly sink back into depression and give up trying

    • Walter, I am sorry for your sadness and loneliness. Sometimes we do not attract other people when there is a hole in our hearts. I would encourage you to look at making yourself whole – that does not depend on another person. As you heal, others will be more drawn to you.
      In MCc, we have a part of our statement of faith that address your very need. It reads:
      We are saved from loneliness, despair and degradation through God’s gift of grace, as was declared by our Savior. Such grace is not earned, but is a pure gift from a God of pure love. ”
      Seek out a community that can hold you in prayer and love as you fill your emptiness.
      Rev. Jane

  23. Pray GOD brings my soulmate into my life right now in JESUS Name Amen.

  24. please pray for Scott and i that we reconcile our relationship.. and that together we can grow in love and have a stronger relationship with each other and with God.. i would also like to have a good job.. please pray for us.

  25. thank you for the prayer request William. Blessings on you and Scott.
    Rev. Jane

  26. I pray for a blessing to happen in my life in regards to my children. I pray for a way to open up that will allow me to live in San Diego Ca near my children. I pray for my daughter to have completed all her studies and is able to graduate from high school. I will be in San Diego Ca at the end of the month. I pray for this miracle to be in my children’s lives again. I love and miss them dearly. Thank you for holding us in prayers.

  27. Patricia, we will add your name to our prayer list at church tonight and to our twitter prayer group.
    Rev. Jane

  28. Penny Jorgensen

    Dear friends,

    May I please ask for your prayers? I am in a world of hurt right now and don’t remember ever being so low. In December, I went for a procedure to help a pinched nerve in my back and suffered a stroke when something went very wrong. My whole life feels like it has fallen apart since. I lost my home in the Pacific NW and had to move to WI and haven’t been able to work. Would you please pray for my healing (heart, mind and body) and that I’ll come through this even stronger and help others because of this? Thank you and bless you. Penny

  29. Thank you Penny for sharing your prayer concerns with us.
    I would encourage you to read some of he psalms as many of them relate to being in dark places of life and being able to pull through them. I pray that God will work though those around you,
    We will add you to our prayer list,
    Rev. Jane

  30. I would like to have a prayer request for stability in my life.
    January my grand kids moved to Alaska.
    February I was laid off.
    March my 12 year relationship with my partner ended.
    April I moved to California.
    I have over 75 applications nation wide and haven’t found a job.
    I am facing bankruptcy and foreclosure on the house.
    I would appreciate your prayers.
    Thank you & God bless.

  31. I will add your prayers to my prayers and the prayers of the church Joyce.

  32. Can you, please, fervently pray
    That Nebojsa DOES NOT GET INVOLVED INTO ANY NEW RELATIONSHIP, but THAT WE START AGAIN, continue OUR WAY TOGETHER and officially get married!
    God gives promises, and I know He is FAITHFUL!
    I am sure when your prayers join mine will surely receive a miracle. I am praying with Faith and please help me in this.
    Thank you very much. God bless you. I pray for you. Praise the Lord for He hear prayers and answer on it.

  33. Kaca, I will pray for you and Nebojsa. I pray for God’s blessing for each of you. I pray for God’s blessing between the both of you.

    Rev. Jane

  34. Please pray we sell our home before January 26. If we do not sell it before then, it will go to auction. Thank you for your prayers. Peace.

  35. DM I will add yours to mine/

    Rev. Jane

  36. Please pray for my boyfriend James and I. We broke up on New Years Eve after a huge fight. He will not answer my phone calls, or return my texts or emails. We both did things to hurt each other. I have forgiven him. I’m praying he will forgive me also. Pray that we might get back together and be happy again. We had a great thing going and somehow it got messed up. I love him with all my heart and it’s killing me to not be with him. You’re prayers are very appreciated. Thank you!

  37. I’m suffering from hypperthyroid and MY husband from infertility..Due to which we are childless from 5 years ,But wish to bear a son this year. Also pray that our financial issues get solved and hope the lord blesses us with wealth in abundance. We would also love prayers for our enemy serena ,who is planning to destroy peace in our family.May she get rid of her sinful habbits.

  38. zeenet – thank you for sharing your concerns, hopes and dreams with us. I sounds as if there is a lot going on for you. May the spirit bless you and your family and protect you for those who would do you harm.
    Rev. Jane

  39. Please will you pray these prayers.
    Dear Father,I thankyou with all my heart for taking away my anxieties and for giving me your peace,joy,wisdom,inspiration,courage and strength and love,Father God,please will you continue to fill and Bless me and PMG with all these wonderful gifts from you each and every moment.
    Father,as you know,A.R met someone new sometime ago,and I thankyou as well for helping me to recover from the fact our relatiionship didnt work out,and now I have met someone new,PMG,as you know PMG have known each other as friends for over 2 years,and things between her and I have developed in the last few weeks.
    You know I have fallen in love with her very deeply,and my true love for her is growing every day,you know I have been through so much disapointements,please Father God,please let this one not end and not end in any disapointements,but please let it be that my relationship with PMG will definately blossom and flourish into the relationship I have been praying to you for a long time,and that PMG wants the same as well,Father,I ask you that PMG feels as deeply about me as I do about her,and one day soon,when the time is right,we will both celebrate and rejoice of our deep and true love for one another as a couple,and all our famalies and friends will also share in the celebrations for us.I do understand her perspective,as its not that ago she lost her Husband,please will you help her with her grief and I pray she will find you and hear you and and speak into her heart that its perfect for her to talk to me about her grief.
    Father,please will you bless me with all the desires and needs of my heart and that my life will be how my heart desires it to be,complete,whole,secure,and happy,including a great finacail breakthrough,a deeply true and loving relationship with PMG,really nice holiday with PMG this year,and finaly this year and every year Christmas with PMG and our family and friends,Father,I do love PMG with all my heart,please let it be your will for us to be together,I couldnt stand the thought of looosing her,so I trust in you to work wonders and Miracles for us,and from now onwards,our relatioship will grow and develop and we will see each other just the 2 of regularly and consistantly.I pray in Jesus name,Amen

  40. Good Morning,
    Could you please pray for me (Todd) & Jose. We have been together for 2 and half years. We are currently involved in a misunderstanding. Please pray that Jose’s hear softens and his true love for me comes back stronger. Please also pray that he doesn’t cheat on me while we are separated. We are engaged and pray that he returns and stops being so hard headed. Thank you.

  41. will you pray this city is in the will of God.

  42. Thank you Jr for sharing your request. Todd C and Larry, blessings on your relationships.

  43. pastor Thieringo

    persecution againts pastor Thieringo must stop, Fire of Holly Spirit must come on evil and bad things againts pastor Thieringo,protection , miracles in finances ,healing, miracles in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus Name .

  44. Thank you for your continued support of my website, online store, prayer request//blog.

    Blessings to all.

  45. My husband of 23 yrs just told me he wants a divorce, that he doesn’t have those feelings for me anymore. I just can’t believe it, I don’t want a divorce, I still love him so much. I don’t know what to do now and I don’t know how to stop loving him. The pain I’m feeling is unbearable. Please help me pray that God completely heals and restores our marriage.

    Thank You,

    • Hello Lisa,
      I am sorry that your heart is hurting right now. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. Know that whatever happens, you are loved by GOd.

  46. I’d be happy to be a prayer partner …if you send me every day the list of prayer requests i will pray for them with all my heart and soul .
    Thank you for your co-operation.
    May God bless you and use you more and more for his Glory.

    Shapour Pourpashang
    ( Pentecostal preacher )

  47. for my sister Lisa she has a bad back and knees and has been taking pain pills for more then just pain. She lost her home and her phone has been shut off. Pray for God’s mercy and strength. Bring someone into her life who would share the love of God to her and one day she would follow.
    For my Daughter Annette that she would make wise decisions with her life following God one day. for God’s protection around her. help her to become a wonderful women kind and gentle as well. Give me peace about my sister and daughter giving all to God.

  48. Prayers From Stephen For Steve

    Please Pray For Stephen/Steve/New Friendship. Happy 2012 from Grace Gospel Chapel In Seattle,Wa, The Best To U All..

  49. I’m a 57 year old father of two kids living in India sending a prayer request to you to offer prayers for me .I have heard that many faithful are getting relief or deliverence from their ailments and hardships by offering prayers for those who request it..Since we are far away here in India, we can’t come over there. I have multiple ailments,such as liver cirrhosis,gall bladder stones, renal calculi and diabetics.Folowing financial hardships and misfortunes for the last few years, my family and my self are very badly affected,and so life is not a happy one to us,though we have abundant faith in God.Since we have a heavy debt burden,my wife and children are pressing me to sell off my ancestral home for money,where we live for decades, but following sentiments,whenever I think about their move,I feel shocked.I want this to be avoided at any cost, but instead an early financial breakthrough should be happened by the blessings from heaven..Needless to say,prayer is the ladder leading to nearness of God..Our Lord has said that,if more than two persons assembled and pray together,He will be there.So I believe that there is more effect for joint prayer.In Mathew 25:40, our Lord said,’truly I say to you,as you did it to one of the least of these my bretheren,you did it to me’.So I beg you all there to pray for me for a quick and miraculous healing of my all ailments,and also for an early financial breakthrough to end our sufferings and hardships in life.I expect your valuable cooperation in this difficult period of my life.Thank you .Looking for a reply.

  50. I ‘m requesting prayer for my daughter and her children the abusive father has the children and she fighting to get them back she goes to court on march 9 .Father is controlling the children on what they can say and can’t, The guardian ad litem lives with a convicted abuser and also he assault some one , so she sides i with my son in law, no matter what we say we’re lairs, we have documentations how the guardian ad litem lying and no one will help us would please stand in agreement that this judges Kussel will see through all this and return the children back to mom, there was no reason for them to take the children in the first my grandson all ready said he wants to die he is oly10 years old and he also mention he could kill his sister, my granddaughter (5yrs old is being hit in the face and thrown in the crib by dad girlfriend, she wet the bed every night my other granddaughter is being bullied by a girl in school where she drew pic of her with head cut off and her body exploding she 9 yrs old and no one will help

  51. elaine frankland

    Father help me to die to sin, and to grow more like You everyday. Help me to listen to Your voice. Protect, strengthen me as I seek to do Your work.

    I pray for my daughter, who needs to let go and let You, give her the faith she needs to cope with her family and her job. Protect them all from the enemy.

    I pray for my son that Your protecting hand be upon him, put him with the right people and may your will be done in his life.

  52. Please pray I will find work soon. I unjustly lost my job, and now I am finding every door to employment slammed in my face. I am feeling depressed, frightened we may loose our home, and feeling lost. I have yet to join your assembly, but plan to visit this weekend. I am a registered nurse with a spiritual calling all my life. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Peace and Love to all. Christopher MountainBird

  53. Hi Prayer Fellowship. Would U Please Pray for My Friendship With Stephen that we thur Gospel Tunes Willl Draw Closer Together and That We Will Share So Many More Of The Common Intrests Off His Early Morning Bus Route. Pray that Steve Will Get A Good Summer Bid and His Health Will Be Blessed and He Will Stay a happy Man and He Will Know Stephen Fox His Is Good Friend and Support. Thanks All Love Stephen Fox 4-Steven Spitzer. He Writes Good Gospel Tunes and Sings Them I Would Enjoy Leaving His Web-Address For U To Enjoy it’s He has a contact page there for feed-back and he enjoy getting feed-back

  54. Hi If U Leave Feed-Back For Steve on his tunes thur Let Him know That Stephen Fox Gave U His Web-Address and Let Him Know That Stephen Does Care and Will Always Be Steve’s Best Friend and Support Thur All The Moments In Life..

  55. Could you please lift two sisters in prayer, Karen and Dianna? May God help them reconnect and reconcile soon. May Karen’s heart warm to sharing Communion, as Dianna has offered.

    • We will add them to our prayer circle’s list Our love and prayers go out to them for peace in this situation.

      • To Rainbow Cathedral                          Thank you so much for your mail.I need all of your  prayers for the healing of my ailments such as liver cirrhosis,renal calculi,diabetics and also for deliverance from financial hardships.As you expect,I too hope that fruitful results from it can be found ,shortly.I expect a quick result.

        Now I place another prayer request for my son George and daughter Priya,who are already matured for marriage,but could not settle life as yet.Meanwhile a marriage proposal came recently from the parents of  the girl named Neenu Elizabeth Paul for our son George Varghese and discussion between the parents are going on.We pray that Almighty unite our son George with the foresaid Neenu Elzabeth Paul in matrimony shortly,by overcoming all hurdles on the way.I beg you to pray for the fulfillment of our wish in this case and also for  enabling our daughter Priya to get a suitable life partner.I hope that you will place the new prayer request in the next prayer meeting.Take care. Baby Varghese


  56. I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God’s grade.

  57. michelle m triska

    PRAY GOD HEALS ALL MY SICKNESSES AND DISEASES BROUGHT UPON ME BY THE WORLD hernia, gas, flatuence with a unknown cause by psychiatric meds

  58. God bless two sisters dianna and Karen to
    speak and reconcile soon.

  59. Pray for and protect my son & daughter who have had too many trials and tribulations all their lives. Give them your faith, love and strength. Please give them courage and wrap them in your heavenly light so that others who continually hurt them may leave them be. May all good things come to them in job security and life.

    ABLE TO CATER FOR MY FAMILY. I will greatly
    appreciate any assistance the church can rendered to me,
    no matter how small. Hoping to hear from you.NOTHING

  61. Autistic Illinois prisoner needs justice:

  62. Please pray for healing for my lower back.

  63. Jonathan Ashbeck

    I have finished my high school exams and I have completed my high school career. Because I have graduated I high school I still have not yet decided what I want to do after school so please pray that I may be able to find a job.

  64. Jonathan Ashbeck

    Right now I need a new job because my last two jobs have been expired and one of them is only seasonal so please pray so God may find me a new job according to His plans. I had been graduated from high school since May 30 and I am currently unemployed.

  65. Please pray for a child of God for healing, joy and protection. God bless this person at work, church and in healthy, faithful, loving friendships.

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